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Explore our bridal shop and choose from a selection of styles and colours to suit you. Hand-made hats and fascinators, unique to you!

Hat – no.8

HAT No.8

Hat – no.8 Very striking design made in sinamay.  Can of course be any colour with different trimmings.  Fairly tall crown and medium size sloping brim with very attractive feather trims. Lovely design to wear and comfortable for the whole day!

Hat – no.7

HAT No.7

Hat – no.7 Large sloping brim and sloping tall crown, shown here in 2 colours, but can be in one solid colour.  Very attractive feather flower and shaped spray feathers, complemented with netting.  Made with sinamay and parasaisal fabrics.

Hat – no.6

HAT No.6

Hat – no.6 Smaller design hat with organza bow detail, feather sprays and sinamay strips.  Can of course be any colour with any trim – the shape of the crown and brim is chosen first, before the trimmings are selected but lovely design if a smaller style hat is wanted.

Hat – no.5

HAT No.5

Hat – no.5 Elegant black, grey and silver sinamay hat with sloping crown and brim with an angled point offset at the front – as with all my hats, the basic shapes can be the same, but the trimmings and colours can be changed to co-ordinate with your outfit!!