Evening Dress – Style no. MC181077G

Evening Dress – Style no. MC181077G in Scarlet, Navy and Forest

3 Responses to “Evening Dress – Style no. MC181077G”

  1. Geraldine Corcoran

    Can you please tell me do you have evening dress style no MC181077G in stock in a size 14 or 16 and if so how much does it cost.
    Many thanks

    • Lynda Hatton

      Hi Geraldine, Thank you for your enquiry. The evening dress is £255 and which colour are your interested in as I don’t have all three colours at the moment, but would be able to order one. Kind regards, Lynda

    • Patty

      Corona, e não foi por falta de aviso. Quantas vezes pessoas próximas a ele lhe diziam: &#93lCha;ita, muito cuidado, Haddad é falso. Assim que você vira as costas ele lhe mete o pau!'


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