Bridesmaid Dress – Kelsey Rose, Style 50177

Bridesmaid Dress – Kelsey Rose, Style 50177

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  1. Clare Twyman

    I would like to enquire as to the costings for this dress (50177). I am due to have my wedding vow renewal abroad in July and I am looking for two dresses for my bridesmaids. I am looking for this style of dress, ideally in a shade of purple, I see you do lilac but I’m not sure of the shade as I do like the shade in the picture. Although I appreciate colours are deceiving on a screen. I welcome your feedback.

    Kind regards,


    • Lynda Hatton

      Hi clare

      The photo is the colour Mauve which is more towards a purple but this is the nearest colour in this style. In fact the shade card put on the website is actually for a different style, so sorry about that, I will have to get it changed, but there is also a lavender colour, very much like the lilac. Its a beautiful dress and of course there are different ways of tying the top, as it’s a multiway, and it’s very light to wear. The cost at the moment is £235, but unfortunately from 1st March, Kelsey rose are increasing the price to £275. If you did want to go ahead and I can get the order in by 28th February, then that would be better for you. Also the delivery time is 3 months, so ordered this month would be delivered by the end of May and end of March order would be delivered by the end of June, which would be very near the wedding date and from experience they usually need shortening. If you can’t get in but want to go ahead, I would need their bust, waist and hips measurements to order their nearest size.
      Just let me know if I can be of further help Clare. Kind regards lynda


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